Procurement and the Race to Net Zero Carbon

What is the importance of Sustainable Procurement? What is your Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy?

Why is Sustainable Procurement so important?

Sustainable Procurement is the glue that binds together every aspect of the value chain to deliver net zero carbon and sustainability. It requires everyone in the supply chain to expect improved behaviours and process to drive forward the ability to deliver the changes required.

It means everyone must start to go beyond price, quality and leadtime, and start to focus on who you are buying from and knowing their impact on your scope 3 emissions.

It’s about…

Circular Thinking

The creation of mini eco-systems and circular economies to help reduce waste.

Value Alignment

Understanding their values and policies on ESG and ensuring they align with those of you and your customers.

What's your strategy?

With up to 70% of revenues spent in the supply chain, this is the single biggest area of the business which impacts your ability to delivery sustainability.  So, what is your Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy?


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