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If you are an SME feeling the impact of:

  • High Costs
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Material shortages
  • Supply Chain risks
  • Poor supplier performance

You will want a procurement partner who will not only understand your pain, but who can also offer real practical support and benefits to help you realise growth potential.

Our team of procurement, manufacturing operations and engineering leaders have extensive experience at senior executive level within both large blue chip organisations and SMEs. We apply our knowledge and expertise to provide a range of solutions designed with the SME business in mind in helping them not only to overcome the challenges but also to unlock hidden potential and value.

Tips, Tricks & News

Tips for Managing Supply Chain Risk

Supply chains worldwide were among the first areas to be affected by the pandemic when it first struck several months ago, and there’s been plenty of discussion ever since about what things will look like and how processes and systems need to change post-pandemic. One example that’s really stood out to us, is the case of an inserts supplier used by the injection moulding industry, as well as many other sectors.

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Eight steps to support your supply chain through crisis

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a debilitating effect on supply chains throughout the world. The health and economic impact of the virus has been significant, hitting businesses on multiple fronts. At the same time organisations must work to protect their workers’ safety, they must also safeguard their operational viability, something that is increasingly coming under strain from a historic supply-chain shock.

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We are committed to you and your outcomes

We strive to deliver exceptional value within your business to ensure a high return on investment.

Our team of business improvement and supply chain experts will work closely with you and your senior executive, procurement, finance and manufacturing operations teams to ensure you achieve maximum efficiencies and business transformation from your supply chain management.

Increasing productivity on the shop floor and back office processes, increasing profits, improving working capital, supplier performance and collaboration whilst also enabling the digitalisation of your procurement function and other functions to improve your overall business performance.

Putting sustainability at the heart of your business!


Of companies have been impacted by supply chain disruption during the Coronavirus pandemic.


See an improvement in procurement metrics with QCD reporting levels when suppliers sustainability performance is factored into the equation.


Revenue increase as more focus on supplier/partner selection is based on sustainable values.

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