Our solutions to your business improvement problems

We specialise in manufacturing and its allied industries across the whole value chain, from the sourcing of goods and services into your business, to supply chain visibility, supply chain management, business improvements and the development of your team.

We cover the full spectrum of strategic procurement to drive the business improvements that give you a competitive advantage.

i-QMN: Enabling you to do more with your data

Bringing you a Business Intelligence Service which provides Industry 4.0 capability to procurement and other functions within your business.

By automating data extraction from your multiple data sources, cleaning your data, and providing deep and rich visual insights we save you hours in trying to understand your data, and enable you to focus on delivering the business improvements your business needs.

Matched with our project management capabilities, we also provide you with the ability to also ensure you grow, increase profits, improve working capital and ultimately succeed.

Consultancy Support

Supporting your team to identify and manage business improvements including the implementation of ISO20400.

We help you to set a clear direction to solve the challenges you and your teams face in your day to day operational challenges.  Supporting you to transform how the function operates.  From functional transformation, cost reduction programmes, supply chain risk mitigation programmes, supplier improvement programmes and more.

Our strategic capabilities really help you to make procurement be a function that create value in the business.

Procurement as a Service

We understand the resources are stretched to deliver day to day operations and do not have the capacity to deliver on the improvements your business needs.

By embedding our team into your team, we will collaborate with you to provide the resource to implement business improvements.

If you need to improve costs, looking to re-shore products, build resilience in your supply chain, improve supplier relationships or create a sustainable procurement functions, our Procurement-as-a-Service means we can do it for you!


Your people are the heart-beat of your business, and providing them with the tools to succeed is crucial your performance.

We not only provide a range of training to help develop your people, we provide coaching and mentoring too, helping take the pressure of you and giving your teams the confidence to have someone they can talk to!

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